Friday, November 26, 2010


We have had lots of changes happen in our family recently. Jared found out back in Sept. that he was going to get laid off. The good news is that Jared got a new job working for Ericsson as a Field Technician fixing cell sites and really seems to like it a lot. They gave him a brand new truck, a laptop and 3 cell phones!!! There are many ways to get a hold of him now... he he. Plus he is outside all the time and even gets to off road occasionally for work. He hates that a lot. j/k!

On a sadder note, Gavin will be leaving us and going to preschool beginning the first of the year. I have been taking care of Gavin since he was 7 months old and he is almost 3. I have really grown to love him like my own son and will be sad to see him go. I know it is for the best, so it is a bitter sweet feeling.

Our kids are wonderful!!! Garrison is talking up a storm and is developing so well. It is so much fun to see him change into a little boy. The things that entertain him are hilarious and we have such a good time hearing him laugh:) Tori is my sweet little social butterfly. If she is left alone she is just quiet or a little grunty, but the second you look at her or pay attention to her she just lights up. It is the sweetest thing in the world. She is starting to sit up on her own now, she is eating solids from a spoon FINALLY and we are loving every minute of it.

Today we had a family photo shoot and yes it was cold. We braved through it and thawed out the kiddos later. We had so many good pics that turned out and I will pick some of my favs to share on this blog. Enjoy!