Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday present!

So my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I got the greatest present... my in-laws were sweet enough to send me money for a cut and color. I haven't had my hair done since our wedding and I was itching to get something done but we just never had the money for it. Jared was behind the scenes of course and let them know that I had wanted this for a long time but we just couldn't afford it. I went to my favorite hair stylist in the world, my friend Crystal (who I absolutely adore) and she hooked me up. I have been going to her for the last 7 years. Jared heard me mention her name once or twice and one day when I was in the other room he grabbed my phone and got her number without me knowing. I had no clue, but he called her up and set up a hair appointment for me. What a wonderful birthday surprise. Thanks Jared:)


  1. Your hair is so cute. I really like it. :o)

  2. Your hair looks really good!!! Garrison is getting so big!!