Friday, January 29, 2010

playing catch up

So I have been a total slacker lately as far as blogging goes and the only excuse I have is that our camera broke and it's usually the pictures that make me want to blog. However, I love reading others blogs religiously and when they go too long without posting I usually say to myself "Slacker" so I guess I am a hypocrite... lol. With all that said I do have something fun to blog about...

I have been feeling the baby move for quite a few weeks now but they have been very soft kicks and nothing that I have been able to see when I look at my stomach. However, today she was kicking up a storm and I loved every bit of it:) Jared was actually able to feel her move for the first time today and I was grateful for that. She is getting bigger and growing everyday and I am getting super excited for her arrival. I know I still have 14 weeks but I also know how fast that is going to go and it is crazy! I have a lot to do still but in the meantime I am just going to enjoy my little girl kicking and moving around inside me.

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